Kubota Noriko

ARTISTBorn in Gifu, Japan
Department of design course, TAMA Art University (Tokyo)/ Bachelor of Design

Artist Kubota Noriko


  • 2020 PARIS –
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  • 2018 PARIS –
  • 2017 PARIS –
  • 2The competition with book cover’s illustration


nature where water flows underground from a sacred mountain that overlooks the area.
In the midst of nature and everyday life surrounded by rivers and nurtured by the abundance of
water, while gazing at the beautiful water you could reach out and touch, I pondered:

– Where are the boundaries between nature, water, non-living things, and me?
– Where are the boundaries of life?
– What makes me who I am?

In my childhood, I fantasized endlessly about time, life, and existence, and the illnesses of my
family and myself made me even more interested in life and boundaries.
Due to my family’s illness, after graduating from an art university, I got a job and became deeply
involved in technology in the IT industry. At the same time, continuing my own creative
production, I found that between “digital” and “real”, in a virtual world which feels unreal at first
glance but is actually deeply linked to reality, the boundaries between reality and non-reality,
living and non-living, and me and others—the boundaries between nature and me, what it
means to be alive, and the things that shape me, which all interested me as a child, are
Through my work, I want to pursue what existence is, while living in conflicting worlds.